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SATCO AB in Stockholm Sweden is your nordic source for high tech electronics when you need parts that not only meet but exceed your requirements. We prefer to cooperate with the market leaders in the different fields where we are active. 
The quality level of components and handling is aimed to meet the ISO 9001

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Omnetics Inc.

When size is important.

 Nano and micro connectors with quality.

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Innovation and quality in Power.

Examples of applications are:

  • LED power supplies or lighting power supplies for low voltage lighting
    (internal & external)
  • engine management system
  • cabin electrical equipment for trains
  • access control & ticketing power supplies
  • airplane brake control
  • power supplies and LED power converters for fire protection equipment
  • radio communication & entertainment
  • power supplies for video surveillance system
  • automotive power supplies -
    power inverters for electric vehicle
  • door control
  • onboard computer
  • traction control system


Standard and custom power supply units are designed to ensure industry standards such as:

  • for railway industry : EN50155,
    EN50121-3-2, EN50125, EN61373, NF F16-101, NFF16-102, STMS-01,
    RIA 12, RIA 13, RIA 18, RIA 20.
  • for automotive industry : ISO/DIS 16750, ISO3795, DIN57879, ISO11451-3, ISO10605, ISO7637-2, ISO11452, CISPR25, IEC68-2-1, IEC68-2-3, IEC68-2-30, IEC68-2-34, IEC68-2-38.


MARTEK POWER  is certified ISO TS 16949 and IRIS.



SATCO  introduce a new partner on the Nordic and Baltic market.

Martek Power a global supplier of high tech power supplies.



 Martek Power has a broad line for power distribution in applications when failure is not an option. Space, MIL, medical, automotive, telecom, datacom and instrumentation.  

Power range from 5W to 30KW. Dc-dc, ac-dc, dc-ac.
Also chargers and custom designed solutions.Martek Power can meet all requirements within the different standards that is needed in high quality equipments. 

EN 60601
MIL-STD-810 -461-704-1275



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Omnetics Hybrid Micro/Nano Connectors.
New design will shrink your PCB:s.

Omnetics Connector Corporation,
An american manufactureer of real small sized connectors of high quality. 

Their new combo with both nano and micro pitch (0,64 mm and 1,25 mm)  in the same housing to reduce wight and size. This makes it possible to combine borh power and signals in the same connector on a very small area of the PCB.   The nano contacts can handle 1A and the micro 3 amps. .

These connectors is tha same quality as omnetics QPL approved MIL-DTL-32139 and MIL-DTL-85513 types.
Ths will guarantee high quality and long term reliabillity

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Buy your M38999 connectors from SATCO.


SATCO offers energy with Martek Power.


Satco is now representing Martek Power products .

Martek Power
  has a wide product range in the field of power supplies and related producs. AC-DC DC-DC DC-AC  chargers, converters and inverters from 5W to 20KW.
We can also help you with your custom design needs.
Martek Power products and producion facilities meet all required quality norms and approvals needed for this type of equipment read more here..